The process of donations



Make a donation to ISNF Cyprus Foundation and become a sponsor to a child. Your contribution will naturally be tax-deductible.



As a donor you will be joining a community of individuals and organisations with a genuine commitment to the well-being of children and youth.



Offer your own success and experience as inspiration and guidance through a mentoring role for individual students.



Tax Benefits

  1. The donor may receive a tax deduction and other tax benefits. ISNF is an Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization registered and approved by the tax department of Cyprus as an approved charity. As such any donation granted by:
    1. Natural persons are deducted from their personal income tax every year end
    2. Legal entities are deducted from their corporate taxable income at the end of every year.

  2. In addition to a deduction for income tax on gifts to ISNF Cyprus Foundation, donors may also be excused from paying capital gains taxes by donating assets to the Foundation.

  3. A significant charitable legacy: A donor may consider the value of their gift to the ISNF Nicosia Cyprus Foundation as a significant charitable legacy. The ISNF Foundation Nicosia Cyprus is set up to exist in perpetuity. This means that control over the Cyprus Foundation and its assets can be passed on to countless generations of families, perpetuating similar values, continuing the charity work and leaving a donor’s name well beyond their lifetime.

    Note: The gifts come from a bequest that generates investment income, the total gifts made by the ISNF Cyprus Foundation over time can well exceed the original funding.

  4. Exposing children and people to philanthropy: Educators as well as many parents feel it’s a good idea to start exposing their children to philanthropy as early as possible. That way, by the time children are old enough to wish to join a Foundation, philanthropy has already been an integral part of their lives.

Ways to give and contribute

  • By Credit Card: Make a one-time or recurring gift using our secure donation form
  • By Check: Fill out a donation form and mail it with your check made out to the ISNF Cyprus Foundation.
  • Transfer of Stock/asset: A gift of securities/assets is a generous way to support ISNF Cyprus Foundation.
  • Monthly Giving: Prefer to spread out your donation? Set up a recurring monthly gift using our secure online donation form
  • Corporate Donations: Businesses and organizations can demonstrate their support for the ISNF Cyprus Foundation by becoming a corporate grant partner or a sponsor in our annual event.
  • Honorarium/Memoriam: Make a gift to the ISNF Cyprus Foundation in honour or in memory of a special person
  • Estate Donations: Leave a legacy to ISNF Cyprus Foundation by directing an estate contribution. For assistance please contact us directly on: