Gilda Scarfe is an educator, international speaker and positive psychology influencer. She believes passionately in the vital importance of all rounded education and works tireless to empower educators across the world to implement Positive Education as part of the whole school climate.

Gilda Scarfe is the CEO and founder of Positive Action, an educational consultancy using research to design, implement and evaluate wellbeing, mental toughness in education. She is an outstanding an educator, facilitator, positive psychology influencer and international speaker who regularly presents at national and international wellbeing and education conferences. She has delivered effective and highly engaging programmes to people from primary school students and their teachers to secondary and tertiary education as well as senior corporate executives.

Gilda is working with schools and companies around the world to build the wellbeing, mental toughness and emotional intelligence of individuals, students, parents and employees. Gilda has been responsible for the organisation and implementation of the Positive Psychology/Education strategy at several grammar and private schools in the UK, Singapore, UAE, Kuwait and Thailand and has supported the strategic direction and implementation of Illuminate Education a non-profit organisation promoting Positive Education initiatives.

In a global economy the most valuable skill you can sell is no longer just knowledge, it is critical thinking, innovation, adaptability and mental toughness. A good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity - it is a prerequisite. I believe that true education provides not only young people with keys for a positive future but plants the seeds on which the fundation of the world can build and progress.

ISNF is led by experienced educators and visionaries, like Dr Maria Theochari and Mr. Said Abughamga, a great overall cog in the machinery of education – it is deserving of wide support.

I am honoured to support the Foundation’s efforts to create change in education by shining the spotlight on young people wellbeing and character strengths to alleviate mental health problems and empower them to become the architects of their own success.

Gilda Scarfe